Which apps support widgets?

The Weather, Timer and Habits app support widgets. At this time there is no widget for the Calculator app.

What version of iOS do I need to use widgets?

Widgets are supported in iOS14 and above.

The widgets do not appear in the iOS widget gallery?

This is a known bug in iOS14/15.

  1. First, try opening the app again, minimize it and reopening the widget gallery.
  2. If that doesn't work, try restarting your device.

The widgets just appear black.

This is a known bug in iOS14/15. Try removing the widget and re-adding it to your home screen. If that does not work, remove the widget and restart your phone.

The weather widget is not updating or has different information from the app.

The weather widgets update on a fixed frequency, somewhere around twice an hour. Sometimes when you open the app it will get more up to date values than the widget. It should update the widget when it's opened. Sometimes in rare cases the widgets stop updating. If the widget has not updated for more than a day try deleting and re-adding it.