19 October 2022 will seem like a big day for many of you. It may seem like a day where your mood is wholly dictated by your offer outcomes. I (Renee) hope to persuade you that it doesn't have to be this way.

If you have used this clerkship application process to reflect on yourself, your writing style, personal strengths, challenges and growth throughout the process, you will arrive at 19 October 2022 a more confident and resilient job-applicant, regardless of your offer outcomes.

If you succeed in receiving your preferred offer(s), a hearty congratulations to you! You have genuinely succeeded against the odds, and deserve to celebrate. Make sure to bring some of the skills developed through this process into the clerkship, and enjoy it. πŸŽ‰

If, however, you walked out of the process not receiving any offers, please do not berate yourself. Yes, do take time off to process your feelings, reflect on your performance, and formulate your thoughts. But, as we have described in an introductory article, the legal market is a disproportionately inflated one, and your inability to secure a clerkship is merely one symptom of that.

I will give you four reasons why you can celebrate regardless of the outcome:

βœ… Undergoing this process in and of itself has helped you become a stronger, more resilient, and capable job applicant;

βœ… Answering those self-reflection-type short answer questions have given you a clearer indication on the type of law or firm you are suited for;

βœ… Answering the numerous 'what is your strength' type questions have given you a greater sense of awareness of your ability, strengths, and unique life experiences; and

βœ… Identifying and asking people for help throughout this period has revealed that there are many who have gone before you. These people are also willing to help you realise your career potential, and potentially mentor you through the process β€” a solid find!

I hope these serve as encouragement for you. They are not second-class outcomes. Rather, they are real character-building attributes that will help you go further in future job applications. How will you respond to Clerkship Offer Day?