⌛ Who Are We?

A Startup of Startups

Incubateur HEC Paris, is part of HEC Paris Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center.

In 2016, we had 6 startups and limited resources like most university-based incubators. The ecosystem in France was extremely competitive, it had become a wide-spread joke that France had more accelerators/incubators than startups.

Today we support more than 100 startups at once and host 200 interactions - office hours, partner meetings, events - weekly with our startups.

Incubateur HEC Paris in 2016

6 incubated startups

20% selection rate

85+ M€ raised in 2007-2017

Incubateur HEC Paris Today

110+ incubated startups

<8% selection rate

320+ M€ raised in 2018-2021

🌱 Your Story

What founders we seek:


Some entrepreneurs want to create a small sustainable business that can prosper slowly over the years, and that's okay. However, at Incubateur HEC Paris, we are looking for entrepreneurs that aim big and plan to build a global champion.

In short, if you dream of opening a restaurant, we might not be the best fit for you, if you plan to build a restaurant chain, start filling your application!


"Ideas are cheap, execution is everything."

Some of our founders truly embody this principle, perpetually hungry, and willing to go to any length to push their project further.

If you are the kind of person who disappears for a week and comes back with insights from interviewing a couple hundred people around the country, that's a good sign.