1. You’re passionate about the mission 🌱

You care about making a positive difference, and want to touch people’s lives through meaningful work. Currently, about 92% of people worldwide have nutritional deficiencies and our aim to make that as close to 0 as possible.

2. You want to learn and grow quickly 📈

Working in a startup is a great way to learn, grow, and expand your skill set. Sure, it’ll be stressful at times, but it’ll also be incredibly rewarding. You’ll get a chance to work across a variety of different roles and get exposed to all parts of the business. We make all our information transparent for all team members to see. We want to develop all our early recruits to become capable of handling larger managerial roles in the future. In short, you’ll become part of our family. ✌️

3. It’s going to be a fun ride 🚗

… cuz what’s worth doing if it’s not going to be fun? 🙃