Today I want to tell you the secret behind writing high engagement tweets.

It took me months to learn this lesson, but once I learned it my entire approach to Twitter changed.

Learning this crucial lesson took me from earning $20 a month on twitter to earning $20k a month.

It’s the reason why my clients pay me $2,500 a month just to write tweets for them even though English isn’t even my first language (lol).

Now you might wonder “how does a kid from Guatemala who doesn’t even speak English as a first language get paid $1000s to WRITE tweets in English?”

And here’s the reason…..

Writing tweets for engagement has very little to do with being a good writer...


I know, I know.

When I first discovered this “secret” I was just as shocked as you are.

Now obviously you do need to know some level of English.

But if you pay attention to tweets that get great engagement, you’ll notice the level of English is very basic.