When helping users troubleshoot, these are some of the first questions we ask.

Have you been approved for access?

Many files on the Kids First Portal require approval by a Data Access Committee before you can access them.

Applying for Access

Was your PI granted dbGap access, but you are the one who needs to work with the files?

Your PI must designate you as a downloader in dbGap in order to be able to view the files yourself. PIs can do this by logging into dbGaP and then navigating to Authorized Access → Downloads.

To receive access, you must have your own eRA Commons ID and have logged into dbGap yourself once before.

Directions for this, with images, are provided in step 4, here by the Genomic Data Commons.

Have you integrated the Kids First Portal with Gen3?

Gen3 is the system which the Portal uses to communicate with eRA Commons to authenticate access. It must be connected in your Settings before you will be allowed to view files.

If your integrations are correct, the datasets you have been approved for will appear in the Authorized Studies section of the Kids First Portal Dashboard.

Have you integrated Cavatica with Gen3?

Cavatica also needs to be integrated with Gen3 to allow for analysis and downloading of files. After creating a Cavatica account linked with your eRA Commons, follow the steps on the Connecting page to connect it as well.

Connecting Platforms

If your integrations are correct, you should see a green checkmark next to KIDS-FIRST controlled data **on the Account Settings page** in Cavatica.

Are you still having trouble?