The Nodle Network is a Liquid democracy with token weighted votes. This means that by running a Validator Node you contribute to the decentralization and integrity of the Nodle Network.

What is Staking

If you are a Nodle Cash token holder you can decide to block some of your tokens for a pre-defined period of time. You can then use your locked tokens (referred to as a "stake") to choose the validators producing blocks, become a validator and (later) help settle on decisions.

One can stake Nodle Cash to:

What do I Get

In exchange for locking your tokens (you can't use them for the time they are locked, thus this is an opportunity cost for you as a token holder) you are offered different ways to get additional profits (aka more tokens for you):

No new Nodle Cash is distributed when blocks are created thus no inflation reward is given to stakers. New Nodle Cash is created by Network Contributors reporting IoT device's data.

Head over to the next wiki pages to learn how to become a validator or help choose them (you role would be of a Nominator).