⛩️ Mission

We’re solving a $350B problem & flipping healthcare on its head.

It costs hospitals over $350B every year just to go through the process of being paid by insurance companies. You read that right - $350B just to get paid. That’s billions of dollars a year that could be going toward patient care - but isn’t.

Much of this cost is spent on manually correcting data gaps in patient records before the insurance filing process begins. That’s where we come in.

SmarterDx uses a clinical artificial intelligence to systematically detect and fill in these gaps. In the short term, this means more revenue for hospitals - and subsequently better care. In the long term, this means an institutional shift towards improved healthcare data, research, quality, and delivery.

🤲 Team

A small (but mighty💪**) tech & product driven team.**

We started with highly technical co-founders (physician-SWE hybrids & a quant engineering director from a global investment bank) Our current team (ex-ASF, ex-Google, ex-Facebook and other super cool people) is still just ten - but we’re looking to grow.

🚀 Runway

Hospitals are willing to pay to have this problem solved.

We grew to >$1M in contracted revenue before ever even raising, and have since closed a large Seed round led by Floodgate & Flare Capital. There is market demand for us to 10X in the next 18 months and we have enough runway to last us 2 years.

🥰 Join us!

We’re looking for awesome people to join the founding journey as we solidify PMF and rapidly scale. Ready to be a part of the magic?


<aside> 📢 Contact us if you’re interested! josh at smarterdx dot com


Principal Full Stack Engineer

Senior Full Stack Engineer