If you are looking to buy the 3M Littmann Master Classic II stethoscope, you're perhaps not alone. Whether you are a health care provider, nurse or student, the stethoscope is one of your many necessary tools in your practice of medicine. You may well be looking to purchase a stethoscope for standard training or one exclusively made for cardiology, or pediatrics. Whatever the case, the most popular stethoscope plumped for by healthcare employees in hospitals and clinics could be the 3M Littmann Grasp Classic II stethoscope.

That extremely popular design is really a simple lumen stethoscope that will be ultimately matched as an over-all examination stethoscope. The design 2144L, weighs in at just 160 grams and is 27" in length. The Littmann soft closing ear ideas offer excellent sound transmission and comfort. Different characteristics includes a non-chill rim and diaphragm and an assortment of available tube colors.The stethoscope was developed in 1816 in France, but the father of the present day day stethoscope was Dr. Brian Littmann of the Harvard Medical School. As the creator of the Littmann stethoscope in the 1960's, his stethoscope has become the most widely used stethoscope on earth today.

The 3M company obtained the rights to the Littmann's stethoscope in 1967 and shaped the 3M Littmann subsidiary. In the 1970's they made the initial tunable diaphragm which permitted the consumer to check both large and reduced volume Prezzo Farmaci 3M Littmann presented the Littmann Classic II Stethoscope. Since that time it is now one of the very reliable and top quality stethoscopes that's used around the world by tens of thousands of medical professionals.

The innovation in the 1970's Littmann design was that their tunable stethoscopes could be tuned for just Bell Function (low frequency) or Diaphragm Style (high frequency) with a simple change in stress on the stethoscope chestpiece. This is accomplished and never having to change within the chestpiece. Mild contact on the chestpiece tracks in the lower wavelengths and company contact stress melodies in the large wavelengths through the use of a 3M patented membrane system. The Littmann Grasp Basic II, as with all Littmann stethoscopes, features a tunable diaphragm.