A universal community market network powered by a radical economic model, enabled by a Layer 7 protocol that spans blockchains and non-blockchain multiverses.


Blockchains such as Ethereum and Solana and Cardano and many others enable decentralized ledgers making it so that no central authority is needed. Many have Layer 3 capabilities that enable entire applications aka businesses to run without central servers.

The limitation is that these economies operate within the particular blockchain.

The real world does not operate within any one blockchain or even only within blockchains.

The real world is a network of networks that spans all Web3 as well as Web2 and Web1 as well as Web Zero aka no digitization aka physical world of actual human beings behind various user accounts across all these networks.

Even with blockchains, we humans live in a fragmented Internet, and a holistic view of the world is not possible because the integration and interoperability of data and identities is a major problem. And without seeing this complete data across various online platforms, how can any business understand their customers’ actual buying journey across the social Internet?

Without this complete visibility, no business can solve The Attribution Problem.


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Because Protocols Are Eating Sales