Arts and culture should be something that every person has the opportunity to experience, enjoy and explore. However, we know that this is not the case for many people, and certain groups in society are particularly less likely to be involved building a rich cultural inheritance for future generations as both patrons, participants and creators.

We believe in the importance of inclusive business practices, and whilst we recognise that in many situations businesses like ours operate in a competitive marketplace, in one unique area the only way to improve is together.

When it comes to Inclusion, Equity and Diversity, we are making an open commitment to work collaboratively and together with any other organisation who also wants to make the Arts as a whole, more inclusive for all.

Whilst there are important and impactful initiatives focused on diversity and inclusion when it comes to the work and performers on our stages, the administrators, leaders and suppliers to the sector haven’t always had the same focus. And we cannot, as a sector, claim to be truly inclusive unless we are representative both on, and off, our stages. The Arts sector suffers from a lack of diversity in its workforce and we cannot address the sector’s challenges without considering the talent pipeline.

We are attempting to make progress in two key areas:

  1. Improving representation in our organisations, both those on and off stage.
  2. Improving diversity and representation in the talent who consider the sector as a viable place to make a career both on and off the stage.