<aside> 🇳🇵 Originally from Kathmandu, Nepal but grew up in Bangkok, Sydney, New Delhi, and Vienna. I also lived in London (for college), Dublin, and San Francisco (both for work). While moving around often has obvious pros and cons, I realize I’ve had a relatively unique upbringing and believe this has resulted in developing a few traits.


  1. Enjoy connecting and meeting new people from different backgrounds

This is a direct by-product of moving, often to very different cultural norms as the previous place. I’d like to think I didn’t have a choice otherwise I wouldn't have made friends in school and become someone insensitive to the many different cultures that form this world.

  1. Decent EQ

It’s a weird thing to say given social culture seems to emphasize strengths such as a high IQ or a never-sleep work ethic. I actually think it’s one of my biggest strengths.

  1. Curious

My curiosity for things can be seen as early as my time in higher education - I wanted to experience different career options so explored public policy (Australian Government), NGOs (promoting literacy rates in Nepalese women), consulting, banking, and venture. I link my curiosity to learn things to how I grew up - in culturally different environments which forced me to ask plenty of questions early on.

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