This is a live whitepaper and will be updated from time to time to adjust to the requirements and votes of our community.


Mission of X-TOKEN

Decentralized currencies got created to give people more freedom and more control over their assets. But at the same time, it’s locking out minorities who can’t even afford a computer nor internet access. All of the fees earned by our dApps will be used to empower minorities with education, technical knowledge, and the hardware they need.

With over 2000 new tokens created every day our dApps will empower those to grow faster and more sustainable by providing useful tools such as Tradebots, Telegram Bots, Vote polls for token holder and many more. Therefore X-Token will be one of the few tokens with a real usage as X-Token dApps will be paid using X-TOKEN.

What is X-TOKEN?

X-TOKEN is a frictionless, yield-generating contract where the tokens bought will soon be able to be spent on dApps. The protocol was launched on May 6th, 2021 through an DxSale presale. The token contract employs a static reward system—10% of every transaction is split into two parts—one part is distributed to holders, while the other 5% is used to fuel the liquidity pool on the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange. The tokens are permanently locked in the LP, effectively reducing the available supply. The token was launched with the idea of creating a community token with a self generating income mechanism for its owner.

The static rewards system is a concept that was pioneered by and popularized by Safemoon. It is a great alternative to the usual high-APY liquidity farms out there because of its unusually sustainable approach. The reward amount is conditional upon the volume of the token in the marketplace, thus alleviating sell pressure put on the token by early investors. In addition to all aforementioned, the mechanism encourages token holders to hold on to their tokens in order to earn taxes from the transactions on the market, which is based upon the percentage specified in the contract and dependent on the total tokens held by the owner.

Token Information

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) Ticker: X_TOKEN Contract address: 0x1657223bb7b9d272957b3f3cf70f9c36a4c99ab9 Decimals: 9

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 X-TOKEN Burned Tokens: 233,500,000,000,000+ X-TOKEN (23.35% at the time of writing)

Automatic Liquidity Pool

X-TOKEN employs an automatic liquidity pool algorithm (AutoLP) in its token contract. As mentioned above, the network collects 5% from each transaction, whether the order is a buy or sell and adds it to the LP. This also acts as an arbitrage resistant mechanism that secures a portion of the volume of X-TOKEN as a reward for the holders. The intended goal is to minimize price movements when large wallets decide to sell their tokens in the future, which when compared to coins without an AutoLP system, leads to a reduction in significant price fluctuations.

Security of X-TOKEN

X-TOKEN is designed to be secure. As mentioned above, our token distribution is one of the healthiest ones currently available, with no whales controlling outlandish amounts of the circulating supply. In addition, the X-TOKEN smart contract has implemented two important security features, aimed at making the token fully autonomous and immune to malicious manipulation. Fraudulent blockchain-based schemes running on BSC are rife, and we take steps to ensure that X-TOKEN is as far from that space as possible.