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Lamdamoon and sustainable nextgen GameFi


Apparently, despite of skepticism, blockchain and NFT is creating a new blue ocean for both game and finance industry, where they could eventually converge and open possibilities for unprecendented business models.

It is here already, the remaining question is : will it stay ? Nobody knows.

But at least, to get a high chance of success, we strongly believe blockchain gaming must satisfy two conditions

In order to meet those conditions, a blockchain game should be designed from scratch with crypto philosophy in mind. More precisely, it should have some kind of gameplay that is only viable with blockchain and decentralized characteristics.

As we are observing, majority of existing NFT games ( even high-profile ones ) are just poorly made games with NFT stuff forged into, and there is barely any radical change in gameplay. Some highlights below

And we haven't even mentioned shady teams bought cheap game source from 3rd party developers ( usually noname Chinese companies ), put P2E mechanism on it, make a token, then do marketing as if there is no tomorrow. The funny thing is, a lot of investors fall for it, because the game "is working".

That is not GameFi ( ScamFi maybe ? ), and it will harm this space.

In conclusion, NFT & blockchain should be the foundation of a true GameFi project, rather than something gimmicky attached to.

In this paper, we will explain about the game we are trying to build and how we do it.

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