In addition to a Party Questionnaire, we invited every candidate to complete an individual survey. In 9 selected electorates, candidates were also invited to attend Candidate forums, and participate in an introductory video. Below are the candidates who participated in at least one of these opportunities, and whose answers most aligned to godly values. If your electorate is not listed, please refer to our information on Party answers to our questionnaire to inform your vote.

Barron River

LNP - Linda Cooper

IMOP - Adam Rowe


LNP - Brent Mickelberg

PHON - Joyce Hosking

UAP - Daniel Philp


LNP - Rob Shearman

PHON - Sharon Bell


LNP - Michael Hart

PHON - Georgie Batty


LNP - Sam Marino

IMOP - Sarah Baxter

ON - Darrin Griffith


LNP - Stuart Coward