GitGuardian started at the end of 2017 with two passionate engineers Jérémy Thomas, our CEO, and Eric Fourrier, our CTO, who wondered if they could find secrets (API keys, authentication tokens, passwords) leaked on public GitHub.

And they did! They were astonished by the magnitude of what they found : not just random secrets but secrets exposing very large organizations and governments!

This is how GitGuardian was born. Since then, they have built a very successful start-up, growing fast year on year (revenue growth x4 in 2020 and again x4 in 2021) and securing solid funding from prominent investors.




In only a few years, GitGuardian has become a global leader on secret detection! We are proud to say that, today, more than 200,000 developers use our products around the world and we’re sending more than 1.3 million alerts per year as part of our pro-bono alerting service to developers.

The next steps are not steps but more of a race!

GitGuardian has big ambitions and wants to become THE code security platform for the DevOps generation. We will build from our secret detection expertise and extend to encode a wide variety of vulnerabilities to compete with legacy code security platforms.


To do so we hire the BEST experts at a fast pace. We’re always looking for talents. We’re 80 today and expect to be 150 at the end of 2022! To join us and enjoy the ride, it’s here!