Whether you are coming to Bansko in summer or winter, you’ll have plenty of reasonably priced accommodation options to choose from. During the ski season from December to April Bansko offers over 50.000 guest beds in studios, apartments, guest houses, hotels, or private homes. During the summer less than 10.000 people live here permanently and there are plenty of beds and apartments available in guest houses, hotels, and residential buildings.

Short term accommodation, a few days

If you are staying in town for less than a month, then there are several local guest houses right next to the Old Town Coworking location starting from €10-€15 per night (basic but clean) during the off season and studio apartments can be found from €20 per night with small kitchen - Guest House Pri Ani (great mountain views), Tipik, Zasheva and Mamin Kolio (no kitchen or laundry).

Chalet Yanitza - 250 EUR per month in winter (all utilities included) - less in summer

Airbnb and Booking.com can be also used for last minute deals but the information and pictures may be misleading and the prices can be higher compared to what you will find locally, i.e. on banskonomadapartments.com

Long term accommodation, 1 month+

The best deals in Bansko are made for long term rentals (1 month and up), with prices varying between around €150 for a small studio to about €500 for a large 2-bedroom 2-bath apartment plus utilities. Heating in the winter can drive utility costs up to the same amount as the rent itself, while in summer you shouldn’t expect more than €25 for utilities.

Most of our members find lodging from the site with pre-selected long-term rental apartments developed specifically for Coworking Bansko. Of course, you can check with the local real estate agents or expats. However most of the reliable local hosts publish all their available apartments on banskonomadapartments.com which makes it easy for everyone involved.

Bansko Nomad Apartments from about €150 per month