by Patty Howard

Cloaked was founded on the hope that one day we could control our personal data again. That day has arrived.

We realize that any new technology sparks the question, “what now?”

We dream of returning consumers to a time when the internet was a kinder, gentler place, free of Nigerian Princes, data leaks, and overwhelming spam folders full of unsolicited messages.

Recently, we’ve gotten feedback on the many ways that Cloaked is rescuing customers from unsafe data situations, and we wanted to share the top 5 use cases so far…

1. New Products (present company excluded ofc)

Ever wonder how that scammer that mimicked your PayPal account got access to your personal information? You shouldn’t have to. Cloak every new account you create to stop the sharing or unwanted sale of your email addresses, phone numbers, and even passwords (can we say dark web?).

2. "Networking"

Stop giving out your personal phone number in those “networking” situations. Sharing info should never put you at risk or unwanted communication or number sharing. Stay safe. Cloak your phone number.

3. Smart Shopping

Feel free to give that cute new ecommerce shop to get that discount AND be protected in case they get cute hacked. Cloaked is a gatekeeper for your communication.

4. Newsletters

Cloak your newsletter sign ups. Avoid drowning in unsolicited spam email and prevent the sale of your personal email credentials to third parties. When you create a Cloaked email, you control your inbox.

5. Password Manager Too

Password? Which password? We know the pain of being locked out of your personal bank account. Yeah, not cool. Cloaked allows you to store and access super secure, unique passwords for all of your accounts. Welcome to the Fort Knox of password management.