"Where can you make us of storytelling skills" a friend asks.

This definitely puts me in a tizzy, because well, I feel like its everywhere.

From product management to advertising to leadership. Storytelling is fundamentally how you can get ideas across in every place.

So I continued to watch some of the videos on the course on practice application and the first place where storytelling can be easily used is presentations.

Shane goes as far as to suggest to start every presentation with a story.

A start and end of a presentation can create tension, suspense and relatibility.

Supposedly Guy Kawasaki has this technique, where every presentation he begins with a photo that is linked to a personal story.

He started every presentation with some story from his personal life regardless of whether the story has anything to do with the topic he speaks about.

Why ?

People are more likely to connect with you and pay attention. Even if it isn't related.

If it's related or loosely related, it's obviously better.

From a psychological and neurological perspective facts and figures don't stick in the mind in the same way stories do

Researchers at John Hopkins University dug deeper and looked into elements of a superbowl ads led to results ?

They looked at cute animals, sexiness, humour, and a bunch of other characteristics.

Guess what stood out ?

Ads that people liked the most are the ones that had the strongest narrative archs.

Not only does your brain retain stories better, it also builds relationships and makes people care.

Everybody has passions and hobbies that make them human. Even if it's unrelated, it will help you build relationships.

For companies, their own story is about their purpose. That is whats most important and thats how you'll build relationships.

if you think your company or you aren't interesting. High likelihood that the people you work with interesting.