After having read books on Ego, Yoga, Mysticism, Karma, Metaphysics and more, I've come up with a mental model of what the common denominator in all these more or less "spirittual" concepts.

The fundamental take away is that we cannot control our outcomes, the we have the choice to use our consciousness and reflect on what we truly want. Then pour that intention into the world of infinite possibilities, which starts manifesting possible pathways to this outcome.

I mentally visualize this as a river. Originating as a stream falling at the centre of a circle and then flowing in all directions - 360 degrees.

Imagine yourself on a boat floating on this river.

If you're not doing anything, the river guides your direction into a random direction. There is no stillness because water is flowing in all directions.

However, once you've identified a direction you want to go in, you use intention acts like the rudder of your boat and points it in that direction. The flowing water does it's job and start flowing generally in that direction. Even if it's not obvious that you're making progress, life is doing it's thing to take you through the currents and motions that lead to your desired outcome.

But if your intentions wavers, you get impatient or distracted by something new, you lose the control over your direction and again you're flowing towards some other destination.

And this is the irony.

We change our minds so often and then wonder why we're not getting what we want from life.