<aside> 💡 Task in Hand: Perform the research part of the design process to understand how my family uses WhatsApp. The purpose is to develop an understanding of their behaviour, usage patterns and gather findings that can be distilled into insights.


I started this UX research with the goal of understanding the way WhatsApp is used by users of different aged category. For this purpose, I interviewed one of my friend (aged 26) ,and my dad (aged 62).

Each interview was done over recorded Zoom audio call and F2F interview respectively. This helped me to re-listen to our conversations and infer meaningful insights. Since the User personas were completely different, I could collect valuable points out of our interview.


Since it was my first UX research, I decided to do some additional reading and preparation before jumping into my first research.



  1. Design Process Deep Dive: Research
  2. UX Diagrams: Sitemaps, IA Diagrams, Flowcharts, Journey Maps
  3. Research Case Studies: Unacademy