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Web App Development

With over 10 years experience delivering web applications that serve millions of unique users every month, we’re confident that we’ll be able to deliver even the most ambitious project.

We work with award winning designers and developers in order to create a compelling user experience that allows you to build your business without having to worry about the intricacies of the software that it runs on.

Native App Development

React Native is our typical framework, with an automated pipeline that allows us to quickly prototype and test new features via Testflight. This stack also allows us to reuse much of the application code in order to create both iOS and Android apps without needing to build two separate applications from the ground up.


Building out immutable infrastructure via Terraform, Ansible and GeoEngineer means we can support a large number of different deployment topographies and cloud providers. We’ve worked with AWS, Digital Ocean, Brightbox and many other service providers in order to deploy and scale apps from single machines to clusters of microservices.

Project Management

As we specialise, we also need to coordinate the efforts of our developers and designers in order to build the right thing in the smallest amount of time.

We typically run the development of a couple of features in parallel at any one time, as coordinating a staff of three seems to be optimal for the sort of projects we typically get involved with. Larger teams means more communication, which may necessitate a dedicated project manager, but this is something we typically avoid in order to remain lean and agile.

App Maintenance

Once an app is launched, development rarely ceases, and even if new features are not required, keeping the app up-to-date with security patches is required. We offer this for a retained, fixed monthly price, once we have ascertained the quality of the app and its resilience to change.