Many people are easily confused between EasySpeak and Pathways, or more precisely with Base Camp, the web-based interface to Pathways. This article aims at clarifying the matter.



EasySpeak is a web-based tool which aims at helping CLUBS plan their activities.

This includes enabling members to request speeches for specific meetings, publishing the dates of the upcoming meetings, allowing members to volunteer to take roles at specific meetings, and a large number of other activities which can be performed via a web browser online.

We could call EasySpeak a CLUB MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

Pathways and Base Camp

Pathways is the new educational program provided by Toastmasters International. All clubs now use Pathways, and all new members have been using Pathways since two years. Soon, the old educational program will be retired, and Pathways will be the only option available also for existing members.

Base Camp is the web interface to access Pathways via the Toastmasters International website. It provides a number of features aimed at helping INDIVIDUAL TOASTMASTERS in their learning process, such an online modules with audio, video and PDF manuals, and the evaluation forms which need to be provided to the evaluators when presenting a speech.



EasySpeak and Base Camp serve two very different needs, though at first glance there might be some overlap in certain features, but it must be clear which tool to use for what need.

In a nutshell, EasySpeak is used by members in order to interact with the club for what concerns any specific task related to running club meetings, such as:

On the other hand, Base Camp is used by the member for any education-related task, such as: