🎄December 15, 2020 - Version 1.8 - Adding KPI to notes + design tuning 🎨

Few weeks after 1.7, we've decided to launch a new version, with some news :

Ability to add metrics in a note


You can now add a metrics directly in a note, it allow you to make a more precise reporting with metrics directly joined to the story you should want to add with it.


You can add up to three metrics per line, and choose the way and the timeframe you want to use !

New Login screen


We hope you'll enjoy it !

Changes in KPIs

We've added several changes to KPI :

New design

Here is the new one, we hope you'll love it 🙂


Ability to specify what kind of chart you want to see :


You can now choose if you want a LineGraph (with ou without datapoint), BarGraph, or simply showing the last value

<aside> ☝ Note : It's available when you add metrics to a note !


Choose if down trend is a good news or not !

Because downward trend is not always a bad news, you are now able to specify it


We hope you'll enjoy this release ! If you have any feedback, please send a mail at sylvain@ryse.vc

November 10, 2020 - Version 1.7 - Cap Table release !

We've release Cap Table feature ! Allowing investors to get informations about the shares and companies valuation, and entrepreneur maintain their cap table up-to-date (and invite their new investors to access to their workspace

For Investors

🆕 Cap Table Tab under company view


Here you'll find the cap table, where you can :