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September 21, 2021 — Notion 2.12, now with better comments 💬

New features

(1) Better comments

Collaborate more effectively with your team through a completely redesigned comments experience in Notion. Here are the key ways it will improve the way you work together, whether you're giving feedback, suggesting revisions, or planning projects:

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(2) Set a public home page for [yourdomain].notion.site

Hosting your company's careers page, investor pitch deck, or personal blog on a public Notion page? When someone asks for the link to your site, "acmedesign.notion.site/f00b1e695f4a4c659f703158282f7f9a" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, or fit on a business card. And before now, "acmedesign.notion.site" would have resulted in an error screen.

If you have a paid plan, you can now select a home page for your public site, so anyone who goes to [yourdomain].notion.site will be taken to whatever page you choose.

To do this:

public homepage whats new no dither.gif

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(3) More powerful iPhone & iPad apps

Now Notion is more deeply integrated into your iPhone & iPad, making it easier to search & share your docs on the go.

(4) Copy & paste multi-column layouts

This one has been a long time coming! Now when you click and drag to select blocks in a multi-column layout and copy to your clipboard, the column structure will stay intact when you paste it somewhere else in Notion.