In the main feed of the Clustered app, students will be able to see any content associated with your course or program and engage with the content by joining the discussion. As a course creator you can share announcements, surveys, questionnaires and other content with your members making this ideal for them to follow along on what's happening and for you to keep them engaged.

General content cards - you can share videos, links, articles, ideas and thoughts and shared with either a specific Cluster or multiple Clusters.

Questionnaire cards - designed to help you learn about the participants. For example, it can help participants check their own progress and for the you to get extra information on how the participants are doing, or ask questions regarding what they're looking for, feedback regarding the course etc.

Survey/Poll cards - designed to ask the Cluster public questions regarding meeting times, topic preferences, common challenges etc.

Event cards - allows you to remind the Cluster about sessions and include a link to the zoom meetings + allows them to easily add the session to their calendar.

Click here for instructions on how you can create a content card.

Do you want to allow Cluster members to have a discussion about the content you shared?

Add a discussion option to your content cards! Just check that option when you create a card.