not less but better (nlbb) is an app that helps you learn and maintain healthy smartphone use. So that you feel more balanced, more focused, less distracted, and overall healthier in your digital life.

And it does it in a new way: with habit change that comes from within. Through interactive, short exercises, you'll learn to identify your unhealthy behaviors, strengthen mental skills to break them, and practice those skills. And you can do it with an average of five minutes of time each day.

Habits are individual, and habit change should be too. That's why you can choose exactly the course that fits your current needs from our extensive library.

The training concept is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. It strengthens your mental muscles such as impulse control, perceived self-efficacy, resilience and mindfulness, making you resilient to digital distraction.

The effectiveness of the nlbb training concept is not only evidence-based, but also scientifically validated - it significantly reduces problematic smartphone use and increases well-being.