Excerpt from: What is an Ecovillage?, by Hildur Jackson, 1996.

Jackson H. – What is an Ecovillage.pdf

(Based on a working paper presented at the Gaia Trust Education Seminar, Thy, Denmark in September 1998, with minor updates.)

Global Ecovillage Network Mission and Vision

Vision: We envision a planet of diverse cultures of all life united in creating communities in harmony with each other and the Earth, while meeting the needs of this and future generations.

Mission: We are creating a sustainable future by identifying, assisting and coordinating the efforts of communities to acquire social, spiritual, economical and ecological harmony. We encourage a culture of mutual respect, solidarity and love, open communications, cross-cultural outreach, and education by example. We serve as a catalyst to bring the highest aspirations of humanity into practical reality.

Our shared vision: Affirmations for the Global Ecovillage Network

The process of formulating the common vision continues. Communicating by e-mail during the winter of 1996 Declan Kennedy, Albert Bates and Linda Joseph came up with the 14 affirmations that were brought in the summer 1996 special issue of In Communities Magazine, journal of co-operative living.

  1. Humanity can live well on this Earth through the process of supporting individual self-realization and co-operative interdependence.
  2. We recognize that to restore, sustain and protect the health and integrity of the environment, we begin by changing our attitudes, actions, and lifestyle, individually and in groups.
  3. We strive towards a life of honest, fulfilling work; caring and fruitful social interaction; and simplicity of living coupled with abundance.
  4. We support the movement toward locally self-reliant ecological communities and neighborhoods that are sustainable socially, environmentally, economically , and spiritually.
  5. We educate in ways that honor and empower the whole person and individual actualization- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
  6. We educate in ways that promote successful co-operative efforts by valuing diversity, and by developing effective communication and community-building skills.
  7. We recognize our dependence on the thriving of diversity and work to ensure the survival of all species and cultures.
  8. We work to safeguard human rights, and toward the achievement of equality and social justice.
  9. We embrace methods of land-use planning and development that honor and protect the health of natural eco-systems, such as permaculture, natural building, and preservation of wildlife habitat.
  10. We promote the research and use of non-toxic substances and methods in agriculture and industry, on the small scale, individually and locally; and the large scale, corporate levels and community-wide.