A group buy is essentially a type of preorder with some elements of crowdfunding mixed in. Buyers interested in a product pay upfront for a product to be manufactured and then sent to them after completion. This method allows for the production of products that may otherwise be too niche or lack general-public demand. The number of people who buy into the group buy dictate how many sets will be made (generally group buy quantity + some extra sets). These products are inherently limited in quantity and may be difficult to obtain after the group buy period ends.

If you are interested in buying a set of Infinikey Comfy keycaps you will have 3 options:

  1. Join the group buy - The price will be lower but you will have to wait for production (ETA April/May 2021).
  2. Buy 'extras' - Vendors often buy sets in addition to group buy orders and will put these sets up for sale as 'in stock' items (with a mark-up from group buy pricing). However, keep in mind these sets are limited in quantity.
  3. Aftermarket - The mechanical keyboard hobby has a rich aftermarket scene where people offer up keycap sets and keyboards for sale and trade. You can try your luck on the various classifieds forums and platforms on which mechanical keyboard parts are listed.