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We use cookies to scrape user profiles from restricted / auth walled platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram. Full explanation here

For this reason we need to ensure we protect your account from mass / abnormal activity, this means for certain platforms there are daily limits we need to follow per account

e.g Linkedin has 100 daily profile visits and IG has 120 daily limits

The cookie roll over engine built helps you prevent any daily blocks so you can do unlimited daily personalised outreach

The process is straightforward. Create multiple accounts, grab the cookies from those accounts and add them to the Cookie Management section within our application

Make sure you name the cookies so you know which cookie belongs to which account.

Our engine will show you how many profiles we've visited using each cookie per day, and if we surpass the max for a cookie for that day, we simply roll over to the next cookie you've added so the experience rolls out to be seamless