Discover what a Flaneer Workstation 🖥️ is and how to create one !

🖥️ It’s a PC

A Workstation is simply a distant computer you can access and manage through the internet.

You can treat is as a totally regular computer, it’s just a PC… in the cloud !

A workstation is comprised of:

Frame 36.png

🤓 In more technical terms…

A workstation is a virtual machine that runs on public cloud providers (such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure).

By leveraging those services, Flaneer has access to a huge pool of machines that we prepare and secure for you to access it easily and in a cost-effective manner !

⚙️ What can I do with it ?

With Flaneer, you can do pretty much everything you would do with a regular PC, such as installing applications, browsing the web, editing files… Anything. But since it’s in the cloud, you can actually do much more !

A few examples are the following:

Inviting someone on Flaneer

Create a new environment