Velvet.Capital is a cross-chain DeFi protocol that helps people & institutions create tokenized index funds, portfolios & other financial products with additional yield.

👍 We Make DeFi Simple - No Matter Who You Are!

1) For individuals (B2C):

2) For institutions (B2B):

⛓  Cross-chain DeFi Asset Management Done Right

Velvet.Capital is completely chain-agnostic and built for people who want to get a broad exposure to the web3 space as we believe in the multi-chain future, with different top protocols suited for different use-cases. Moreover, to optimize yield, we need to be able to allocate assets across the best yield farming solutions, regardless of the chain they’re built on.

As our first product, Velvet.Capital creates crypto index funds combining modern portfolio theory with yield farming. It’s a two-fold approach that delivers the best results, on one hand, with modern portfolio theory, people get exposure to a diversified set of assets and get benefits of token appreciation. With yield farming, on the other hand, they get additional yield from staking, lending or liquidity provision on each of the assets.


For our next version we’re working on a portfolio constructor, so that anyone can create custom products and strategies according to specific parameters. In addition to that, we’re building an SDK for institutional clients, so that they can build their products on top of our protocol.

The ambition is to become THE DeFi Platform for financial product development available to everyone from financial professionals to regular users.