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*The Itinerant *****is a public space to explore, contemplate, and share. I use it as a public whiteboard and resource repository for founders and investors.

The vision is for it to become a medium and a space for like-minded individuals to gather and explore together to exchange ideas and opportunities.

There is a great danger that we become tribal in our intellectual and professional pursuits, rarely venturing outside our circle of industry peers and what they think about and discuss. This is self-limiting, especially in today's hyper-fast-changing market and culture.

I hold a deeply held belief that the best pattern recognition and disruptive ideation come from cross-disciplinary exposure, contemplation, and collaboration.

In today’s fast-changing and hyper-competitive world, creativity is a sustainable edge. The best way to cultivate ‘spontaneous’ creativity is to explore a wide variety of topics regularly with others.

Behind the Name

What should I expect?

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