PyCubed is a complete hardware + software stack for CubeSats that addresses many common pitfalls of small satellite building.

PyCubed prioritizes:

  1. High reliability design practices
  2. Low-cost & radiation tolerant components
  3. Ease of use
  4. Thorough documentation

PyCubed mainboard board replaces the function of 6+ boards found in a traditional avionics stack.

With the addition of a battery, PyCubed is able to perform all the necessary functions for a standard CubeSat mission (as demonstrated by the successful KickSat-2 and V-R3x missions).

👉 More on the PyCubed mainboard capabilities: Mainboard Overview

What does it NOT do?

It may sound too good to be true compared to commercial options available, but as the field of embedded electronics continues to boom, hardware is becoming increasingly integrated and widely used across engineering disciplines. PyCubed leverages these trends, augmented by informed radiation-testing experiments as needed.

PyCubed mainboard does not have:

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