This initiative is a community-led one around giving. Thanks to all the volunteers. We have some amazing founders, product builders, marketers, technologists, and investors who are willing to give their time on weekends to help under-represented founders in the startup ecosystem (starting with: women, students, non-tech backgrounds, etc.). We are hoping to get more volunteers over time.

This initiative is meant to help first-time founders who are in the very early stages of their startup. Assistance will be provided in the following areas (not-exhaustive):

Who is behind this initiative

This is an Open Source project. There is no organisation or one person behind it. Like minded people who care about the ecosystem and genuinely want to help the founders who are at idea stage. This will be managed by volunteers.

Why are we doing it?

#PayItForward is an important aspect of any thriving startup culture. Many of us are benefiting from other leaders in our respective journeys and hence would like to help the next generation of founders.

How will this work

We are kicking off with a 2-sessions per month format, and based on how the first few sessions go we will figure out future formats. We will have #PayItForward Sessions on alternate Saturdays from 10 am till noon:

Saturday Session details:

The first session will be on 18th July, from 10 am to noon. Zoom details for the session are below. Please add the session to your calendars:

Meeting ID: 922 5626 5434

Password: 1erc&g