NFT storytelling. Character index, storyboarding for pitching in the PELE Portal, etc. is a multidimensional cartoon web series that brings awareness to decentralized protocols. PELE Network provides for the users to upload stories and may sell to other users. lets you sell and buy different PELE collections with different categories.

PELE Network uses PLVRS GENESIS-Era NFTs as a collectible for the trading of selling and buying content. PLVRS Genesis-Era NFTs have two sets the Genesis-era Story Set which are rare collectibles and the Genesis-era PLVRS Pilot set, which is crowdsourced and an NFT-powered project. It also has Genesis-Era character collections that can give you different opportunities to participate in web series, play voices, write, produce, choose sponsors and join different events and groups, and more. Genesis-Era has also character teams that will be used to group together community members of the PELE Network and gamify different elements of PLVRS. Lastly, you can have a PLVRS Prototype collection that is limited edition mockups of PLVRS characters.


For more information, PELE Network provides guidelines for PELE Network NFTs. Here you can find and learn more about PELE Network NFTs. (








Furthermore, you can also learn PLVRS Wallet. PLVRS wallet is connected into Zilpay which you can wallet for the Ziliqa blockchain. This can be install through mobile or desktop.