About Metamotive

🏎 Intro

Metamotive, a Web3 NFT project based on Ethereum Blockchain, is committed to the design of concept vehicles in Metaverse, providing collectors with virtual digital artworks. It is not only traditional painting or digital rendering, but to provide ERC-721 digital artworks based on high-quality 3D model, including various ways to experience such as exhibition / driving / racing / modification and so on.

🛸 Mission & Value

Our team will invite advanced designers and concept artists from well-known brand design studios worldwide to create artworks, to give the project more diversified cultural background. We hope to connect the crypto art community with car designers through these NFT artworks because we truly believe that these cars we love have much more potential value.

🔭 Vision

Metamotive is a “LABEL”, not a “BRAND”. We are not going to tie the designer’s value to traditional brands. Instead, we are going to release the potential value with the help of Web3 communities. We believe the value of creating will finally come back to the creators.

Our works are not only for collectors, but also for ourselves. We find and share value. Our Label is pioneer and progress, and we look forward to meeting you again in the next metaverse.

About Metamotive DAO

A decentralized autonomous organization that built on the base of Metamotive community.

About Metamotive DAO