Your Guide to Creating Activities for your Courses

Written by Philip Tran

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Kritik is an online peer-to-peer interactive learning platform designed for professors to engage students in a twenty-first-century way. Students can make online submissions for assigned activities and be evaluated based on rubrics designed to help students emulate a professor-standard grading process. Students will also receive constructive written feedback from their peers. When you assess your peer's work, you receive a grading score for critical thinking based on the fairness of your evaluation and a feedback score on the effectiveness of your written comment. The grading score and feedback score are known together as the Evaluation Score. They are calculated and adjusted automatically by Kritik’s scoring system.

Through a gamified experience, Kritik allows students to develop higher-order thinking skills from creating assignments as well as analyzing and evaluating peer submissions. In addition, students will develop the skills necessary to deliver feedback to their peers through our feedback-on-feedback system.

To begin, click here to gain an overview of how Kritik's platform works, you'll see how to submit an assignment & how to evaluate your peers effectively when it comes time to assess other students work. After you've familiarized yourself with our platform, take some time to create your account, you can make edits at any time.

Once you have created an account, take a moment to familiarize yourself with Kritik's grading structure. Learn about the main grades Kritik will provide to you: The Evaluation Score and the components that make up that score (Your grading score and your written evaluation score), your Creation Score and your Feedback Score.

With Kritik, you are evaluated on how well you're able to provide critical feedback on your peers' work. If you're unsure how to properly evaluate your peers' work, take a moment to read our tips on an effective evaluation.

Furthermore, not only will you be asked to provide feedback on your peers' work, once you receive feedback on your own assignment, you will be asked to critique your evaluator's comments. Kritik's Feedback on Feedback feature teaches students to become effective evaluators.

If for whatever reason you feel you have received a grade on an assignment that you do not agree with, you can dispute your grade right from Kritik's platform, no need to address the concern with your professor directly.

If you submit an assignment late, or about to submit an assignment late, click here to view how Kritik will handle late-assignments.

If you have any questions regarding an assignment and would like to discuss with other members of your class or with your instructor, you can use Kritik's Discussion Board. It's a place where your instructors and fellow students can post questions or discussion topics; everyone has the ability to engage freely.

We hope you enjoy your time using Kritik; our technology is based on real science & designed to improve how you learn, take a moment to read about the science behind Kritik. Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page if you have any questions, or contact us directly right from intercom. We're here to help you.

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