A KERNEL is the essence of a seed. In computers, a kernel is the core of the operating system — that which holds control over everything in the system.

Ultimately, KERNEL is a community dedicated to the journey towards a better understanding of truth — in our Web 3 projects, in our relationships with others, and in our inner worlds.

We hope you consider joining us as a part of y(our) journey.

KERNEL 🌱 Fellowship

The KERNEL Fellowship is an 8 week program introducing 200 new KERNEL Fellows to the KERNEL, a peer-to-peer community focused on building lifelong relationships and long-term projects utilizing Web 3.

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Sept — Nov, 2021

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🌿 What makes a KERNEL Fellow? 🌿

A KERNEL Fellow is technically competent, high character, available to share their energy with talented peers, and acts with intention.

🍀 1,000 Fellows

🍀 200+ Companies 🍀 $40MM+ In Funding Raised

Meet The KERNEL Fellows

When you join KERNEL, you're immediately put in a room with 200 incredibly interesting people in(to) Web 3.

This includes builders at leading Web 3 companies, founders, gamers, designers, artists, and musicians. All are talented individuals exploring what's next for our internet culture. All are genuinely interested in exploring themselves, first, in order to build a better Web.

Here are some examples of KERNEL Fellows you'll be joining and the Web 3 projects they are building.




The KERNEL Tracks

So, how does the KERNEL Fellowship itself work? The simple answer is that it's up to you to decide.

Each KERNEL Fellow can navigate through these tracks at will, based on interests and individual and project-based goals.

<aside> 🌿 To facilitate in choosing your adventure, see the tracks below. We recommend starting with one deep breath, and the KERNEL Learn Track.