Behavioral health is broken.

The fact that this is a cliche doesn't make it any less valid — we think it’s all the more important. We’re paying too much for care that’s too low quality and too infrequent. We think it all boils down to a single issue...

It's a supply problem.

In our chosen starting niche, autism, demand has increased 4000% in the past decade. Supply simply isn’t growing to meet it. Today, most clinics on our platform have more patients on the waitlist than patients they’re providing care for. It's unsurprising that care is low quality and expensive — there's just not enough of it.

We think this is a problem worth solving, and we want to solve it.

If demand is greater than supply, just increase supply, right? Easier said than done, but we have strong hypotheses on how we can make a difference:

Save clinicians’ time

We've heard time and time again on how clinicians are spending ~20 hours / month doing admin tasks (billing, scheduling, intake, etc.). If we can build workflows to automate these tasks, these clinicians can reallocate that time towards providing care. We can increase supply by ~18% without adding a single new clinician. And plus, who ever went into behavioral health to do the billing?

Help clinicians collect more → lower patient costs

Saving clinicians’ time isn’t enough — we also need to help them collect more from insurance. If ~5% of their insurance billing is not collectable, these costs are inevitably passed on to the patient (it’s usually in the patient contract)! If we can help drive up the amount clinicians collect from insurance companies, we can directly lower patients’ cost of care.

We want you to help us solve this problem.

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