Illini Blockchain is a group of smart students who want to restore UIUC to its glory days as the most innovative university in tech. We pioneered the first internet wave. We plan to pioneer the next one (while having a lot of fun).

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Be the bridge between UIUC talent & the blockchain industry.

Contribute to the web3 ecosystem.

Be the go-to place to learn about blockchain & crypto.


Illini Blockchain is a curiosity driven club whose sole purpose is to learn about the blockchain ecosystem. We aim to learn through collective discussion, community engagement, & projects.


We are curiosity driven and inviting to all experience levels, backgrounds, & perspectives.


We research blockchain topics. Then, we create educational, approachable, & entertaining content tailored to newcomers.

We help newcomers gain a fundamental understanding of how blockchain works and why it is valuable. Internally, we produce blockchain-literate and self-sufficient learners who have the tools to navigate the space and learn new concepts on their own.

We teach people through educational content and public community events.


UIUC has a ton of talent. We want to develop UIUC into a hub of future crypto leaders. We need to educate and empower UIUC students at scale. That starts with community events that: