HockeyStack is an easy but powerful web analytics tool. It integrates into a website with one line of code, collects all data automatically, and presents it to be analyzed on an easy-to-understand dashboard. This helps website owners and marketers understand who visits their website, what they do on each page, and why they do certain actions.

To understand why this is groundbreaking, we need to take a look at the existing alternatives.

The market is a spectrum. On one hand, there are tools like Google Analytics that optimize for detailed analysis. They allow incredibly detailed custom reports, but it's also incredibly hard to set up. On the other hand, there are tools like Hotjar that are really easy to use, but they don't offer as much data as the more powerful tools. They show heatmaps and session recordings.

HockeyStack combines the best of both worlds. It's easy and still powerful!

Our goal is to optimize every analytics workflow for the fewest clicks possible. Why? Because we don't want marketers to spend time formatting their data. We want them to reach the insights they need as fast as possible. A side-effect of this is ease-of-use. Marketers already manage too many processes, and analytics shouldn't be another burden on their backs. Ideally, we want them to reach insights with one click.

How? Glad you asked.

No setup

Powerful analysis tools like Google Analytics require you to install a piece of code for each button click you want to track. HockeyStack automatically captures every click, scroll, search etc., no code.

To make use of analysis capabilities in HockeyStack, you need to set up goals. Setting up a goal is as easy as entering the text on the button. But you don't even need to do that with HockeyStack! The automatic goals table suggests most common actions so that you can define them as goals with one click.

Clear-cut reporting types

HockeyStack is structured in 2 groups:

Because of this, it's easy to find anything you want. Best referrer for a segment? Sure, go to the dashboard and filter by the segment. Too much dropoff in a funnel step? Sure, go to users and filter by that funnel step.

In our cross-checks with other tools, we still haven't found too many use cases that are available in the powerful end of the spectrum but not in HockeyStack (or not in our fast-paced roadmap). Let us know of such a use case at


Our long-term vision is automating all of the work and presenting the results to be accessed with one click. Our initial dive into this is the automated insights feature, which analyzes all data for you to uncover best segments for a certain goal.

Last edited: 14 June 2021