Grain is built to be used during and after video calls. You can capture the moments that matter and turn them into shareable video highlights.

Once Grain is installed and authorized through Zoom account, you can easily:

  1. Take notes in a simple interface that is only visible to you. Each note is synced to the exact timestamp in the recording.

2**. Create video highlight clips** in a few clicks, either by designated emojis during the call or an automated transcript afterwards. Each video highlight clip has a unique URL and can also be combined into a separate story.

  1. Share video highlight clips everywhere: Slack, Notion, Twitter, iMessage, Discord and more.

How do I get started?

Grain is only available after you've gone through an onboarding meeting with a member of our team. They'll authorize your Zoom account and you'll be able to sign-in to enable Grain. You can request early access to Grain here.

Is Grain just another video conference provider?

No. Grain works with your existing video conferencing platform (Zoom) and ensures that all of the most important information from those calls is saved and shared.

Who uses Grain?

From researchers to marketers, Grain is used by anyone that needs to capture the most important moments of any conversation. We've seen a variety of different job functions rely on Grain for:

-Research -Interviews -Meetings -Trainings -Support

-Sales -Tutoring -Family chats