Eden is a community working to maximize the power and independence of its members and thereby securing life, liberty, property, and justice for all.

A team of people can be more powerful than the sum of its members, but all teams need a means to reach consensus, or they will fall apart. Unfortunately, traditional democratic processes end up empowering politicians and disempowering the people who participate. EdenOS is a revolutionary new democratic process that protects and enhances the independence and power of those who join. When you join the Eden community, you gain access to a group of people working together to empower you and your family to make a bigger impact in the world.

Eden is a revolutionary new experiment in governance that could transform the world. We are inviting you to be among the founding members of Eden - to be in the "genesis block" of the most revolutionary consensus-building algorithm since Bitcoin. As a founding member, you will have the opportunity to define the culture by inviting those closest to you into the community.

As a leader, I'm sure you realize how critical the initial members of any group are to its eventual success. This is especially true for something as revolutionary as EdenOS. Building a great culture that embodies the core values of the Eden community requires early leaders who share an authentic desire to see EOS succeed in its mission.

If this is something you believe you'd like to be a part of, or sincerely want to learn more about, please go ahead and fill out this form(link) and we'll get back to you to schedule a day and time for us to talk more about becoming a founding member of the Eden community.

For all mankind,

Daniel Larimer

How can I contribute to Eden?