Dropbase is a end-to-end data platform that helps analytics and operations teams automate all the manual work of collecting, cleaning, and centralizing internal and external data. Dropbase can ingest data from CSVs, Google Sheets, Excel files, and a growing list of online data sources directly into an analytics-ready database that you can connect to your favorite tools and apps.

How does it work?

With Dropbase, you can upload or request data from CSVs, Excel files, or from data sources directly into a live database. You can apply a set of pre-built or custom data cleaning steps along the way. With Dropbase, you do not need to set up or host your own database as Dropbase manages this for you. All you need is a Dropbase account and you can start integrating, cleaning, and managing all of your data in one place, with no technical team required.

Why use Dropbase?

Dropbase is single data platform that gives you the tools you need for integrating, cleaning, and storing all your data out of the box. You don't need to set up various different tools and go through the hassle of connecting them all together.

Furthermore, while most of the modern data integration tools focus exclusively on extracting data from internal sources, Dropbase helps you integrate data from both internal sources as well as external partners such as suppliers, vendors, distributors, retailers, clients, or customers. Often times, external partners' data sources don’t have APIs to easily connect to. External partners will extract data from a source system as a CSV file and send them over through email or SFTPs. This is an inefficient process for both the data sender and the data receiver because both sides have to perform manual work of extracting, cleaning, and uploading data. Dropbase makes this process seamless and efficient, saving you time so that you can focus on making your data useful.

What can you do with Dropbase?

Dropbase is an end-to-end tool that allows you to collect, clean, and centralize data with ease. With Dropbase you can:

  1. Request data from external partners and automate ingestion so that you can stop emailing CSVs back and forth.
  2. Centralize all your online and offline data into a database that can then integrate into your favorite analytics tools or data apps.
  3. Automate repetitive data cleaning by building reusable data cleaning and data transformation pipelines ****from a simple spreadsheet UI, helping you reduce repetitive, manual work. With Dropbase, you'll never have to clean the same CSV or data extract twice.
  4. Create database tables instantly from CSV files or online data sources. Move data to a cloud database without having to set one up or host it.
  5. Collaborate and share data with your team.
  6. View, query, and edit the data in your database.