<aside> 🏠 What is being done about houselessness? This section explores the current action, legislation, actors, and opinions on houselessness. Utilizing a Federal and Provincial scope, there is a focus on governmental responses and support for the houseless population. ‘What is being done’ also examines the role of Police and law enforcement in the life and experiences of the houseless. To encapsulate the current action and goals on houselessness within politics, the political party policies are highlighted and demonstrate current perspectives and platforms.


Federal Responses

Provincial Responses

Police/Law Enforcement Action Regarding the Houseless Population

Political Party Policy Options

The Housing Crisis


<aside> 🏠 Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has begun, it has affected the houselessness community. Houseless individuals are already suffering from mental and physical sickness, therefore it becomes more of a critical issue for them. COVID-19 pandemic also needs to be dealt with urgently and fast, as the situation keeps changing day by day. This section talks about how the federal government of Canada responds and tries to reduce COVID-19 in the houseless community.


Federal Government’s Response to COVID-19 in Houseless Community

Reducing the Spread of COVID-19 in the Houseless Services Sector

The Future of Houselessness Community as COVID-19 is Becoming the New Norm