What is it?


Automated Future Distribution is a required content setting that gives Stem permission to automatically distribute an existing release when new DSPs are added into the platform.

Please note: If a release is only distributed to a few platforms and you turn this setting on, Stem will not automatically deliver your content to the rest of the platforms. This feature only applies to future platforms that are not yet integrated.

We released this feature in February 2020, so any release that was uploaded and delivered prior to this date has a default Automated Future Distribution setting as "off". While you opt in or out of this setting during the release upload, you may manage it any time after it is delivered via the Manage Content > Auto Future Distribution page.


Why should I care?

With new digital music platforms popping up all the time, we know it's difficult to make sure your music maintains the widest reach. As your distribution partner, we prioritize expanding our network of the most relevant platforms and will continue to add DSPs. Instead of logging in to re-distribute your catalog when we add new platforms, use this setting, and we'll do this automatically.

This feature is great if you want your music to be distributed to as many platforms as possible. If you want more control over where your music is streamed or downloaded, opt out of this setting and re-distribute manually.

How do I take advantage of this setting?

The Automated Future Distribution setting is available to uploaders (also known as content owners) as part of the New Release Upload process.

This setting may also be managed and updated from the "Manage Content" > "Auto Future Distribution" page.

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