<aside> 📗 "Regarding TOS violations, the reality is that the overwhelming majority of them do not result in any recoverable damages to the site operator. Without damages, there is no point whatsoever in taking someone to court. Moreover, if the court is unable to provide a remedy of some kind to the plaintiff, it will dismiss the suit. "


Liz Laurents, attorney via Quora

Risk analysis for breaking LinkedIn TOS (users perspective)

LinkedIn TOS risk analysis - comparing 5 tools


<aside> 👉 Bottom line:

To our knowledge, no users have ever been blocked or restricted AS A RESULT of using third-party software on LinkedIn. Restriction or blocking is always the result of breaking the user's daily limits.

LinkedIn prohibits the use of browser plugins and automation software (see prohibited tools list). In cases where users didn't break daily limits and used automation software they were WARNED not to use it.