At Pento we're trying to build the type of company we've always wanted to work at. From day 1, we've been a remote-first company with no HQ. This gives us a lot of flexibility, and it helps us attract the best people no matter where they live. To some people, this is a new way to work, and it can be difficult to understand what the expectations are. That's what this page is about.

We trust you to set your own hours

In order to provide everyone with the ability to do their best work, we don't operate with the traditional 9-5 setup. This doesn't mean we want you to work more or fewer hours, but it means we trust you to figure out what works best for you.

Why? How? Tell me more.

Some people might need/want to spend time with their kids/family during the day; others might feel more productive when it's quiet in the evening; some might prefer early starts so they have more of the afternoon to stay active or nurture their hobbies; some might prefer working over the weekend to free up some time during the week or to align their schedule with their partner's. All of these are OK and exactly what a flexible work approach makes possible.

We trust each of you to design your schedule in the way that works best for you, without impacting your team's way of working, and ultimately still so that it aligns with our company goals.

For some roles, like customer support and sales, we naturally want to work when our customers do. That puts a small limit on the flexibility, but it doesn't mean you can't find alternatives to the regular 9-5. Just make sure to coordinate with your team.

What we expect from you

The things we don't want you to be doing