Welcome again! We’re a collective of doers, working together to launch collaborative platforms for various aspects of work, life, and play. Like they say, you can go fast if you go alone, but you can far when you go together. We’re here to push the boundaries.

Awake is helping organize movements, those that bring innovators and entrepreneurs together. Awake helps co-create new IP, and to help commercialize new ideas. Awake also finances these innovations into new companies, if that is what should happen, we’re here to make things people want.

Organized as a series of meetups and hackathons, as well as incubation and acceleration, Awake Build is a sustainable platform for the innovation economy. As the ultimate gig-workers, independent contractors and entrepreneurs are the vehicle to drive business innovation, and to co-create new models of growth.

<aside> ⚙ Ultimately, it is the intention of Awake Build to foster a more collaborative environment within technology and other industries through the people that work across both.


Welcome to Awake Build, it’s Time to Build Together! 🚀


Builders is an Awake Movement | builders@awake.vc

Because It’s Time To Build Together